In January of 2003 Tex-Med Beef Company was incorporated based in Texas. The company name was taken from two of it’s original founders who were from Texas and the Mediteranian. The objective was to offer Halal meats for consumption by the Muslim community. Adherence to both the strict Halal requirements and the recently passed Texas law (HB470) became the foundation of the company's operations. For more information concerning Halal requirements and State laws, please visit

The company wanted the consumer to be able to communicate directly with the "blesser", if there were any questions regarding the Halal procedures and adherence to Islamic requirements.

With the assistance and support of several individuals from the Muslim community in Houston and San Angelo,Texas the company started by selling carcass beef, lamb and goats to community stores.

After HEB, the largest grocery chain in Texas, approached Tex-Med, a decision was made to concentrate on shelf ready Halal meats. In order to meet HEB's demand the company created the Texas Halal label. The company entered into agreements with Sanderson Farms to supply chicken and Rancher's Lamb of Texas to supply goat, lamb and beef. All four of these meats were packaged shelf ready for easy purchase by the consumer.

Today, Tex-Med features the Texas Halal label in forty stores across Texas. Visit our Store Locator. The company has started an export program and continues to provide carcass meat at the wholesale level.